Any Ideas for Additional Community Content?

Hey, is there anything else you would be interested in seeing on the website? Types of templates or downloads? Topics for online courses?

Share any and all ideas here! It’s our community, together, so the best way to grow it is with content that is helpful and valuable to us.

Hello everyone! :wave:i
I have a few ideas on community content. I’m not sure of everyone’s ability to source tools and materials however, I’d like to recommend a place on our site to post sources that offer what we might be looking for. A place to post websites that would let us see what they offer. Maybe they could sponsor us in some way. Even if you source something for yourself and think that maybe our members would like to know what you have found and maybe if you have purchased it and give us a product review. I would personally except a don’t go there piece of advise, :slight_smile: learning curves can get expensive.
The other thing is to propose a place for us to show our work, like albums with our name on them. What do you think? Thanks for reading my post! :slight_smile: Bye for now. :wave:

Hey, thank you for sharing some ideas, these are great

I often talk with folks who know someone in x place that makes amazing tools of a certain type. Or they have worked with someone who does custom x work and it’s they best quality and fairest pricing they have found. Having a collective of that information can certainly be of benefit to us all, at any stage of our expertise. Excellent thought

Also, photo albumns can be a great way to share our work with others, and can be perused anytime. They can even be a way to get to know one another a little better through our work and working styles.

I’ll spend some timing thinking how we might best implement this functionality - I always aim for things to be easy to use, so we get to spend more time doing and less time fiddling with technology :slight_smile: - if done well, it’ll be intuitive and we’re barely notice how we’re doing it, just get to enjoy it.

I’ll share more as soon as I have it, thank you for suggesting these

Hello Dan :wave: Thanks for thinking this through! I’m looking forward to adding my thoughts and craftsmanship to this site :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Let me know If I can help out!

For sure, it’s exciting and fun :slight_smile:

Will do! I’ve got a few ideas simmering already, and might have some questions as I go along. Also when I have availability to build them out, it would be great for you to try them and let me know your thoughts/feedback. New things only work well when they help the people actually using them :slight_smile:


Hello Dan :wave: I would love the Idea of joining you on working some things onto the site! I consider myself a thinker and innovator :upside_down_face: I would be glad to help out. Thanks! Bye for now :wave:

Excellent, love the excitment and great ideas - more to come! :slight_smile:

Hey, I thought through how to approach the albumn/portfolio sharing where folks can put up images of their work and we can look at them and discuss them too.

Here is a link to the announcement: Launch of the Member Showcase - Share and See Amazing Leather Work!

Open to your thoughts and feedback! Maybe drop them in that new thread so all related to portfolios is in one spot. I’m excited to release this new section! :slight_smile:


Hello Dan! :wave: I just dropped in and added to the new members showcase. I like it a lot. Great job! :+1: I’m looking forward to seeing more showcases from all of our members. Bye for now. :wave:

The pipe pouch looks great! Me, too, I’ll be excited as others contribute

I also added a new section for a Leathercraft Knowledge Base. To some of your earlier thoughts, folks can contribute sources and helpful references and recommendations. I can also add details on types of tools, leather, etc.

It can grow over time as I and others can contribute over time. All thoughts and ideas, if or as they come up, are welcomed! Stay well, thanks

Hello Dan! :wave: I like the addition and I did contribute to it a little while ago. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! I saw that come though, thanks. It’s added up and in there :+1:

I can see that section becoming really helpful. I’ll have to add more things up as time allows. The possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

Absolutely love the showcase area and how you can sort by many different ways. Makes it easy to navigate.

Other items for addition in no particular order:

  • For Sale / Trade / or Wanted
  • A review section along with “best used for” not only for tools, but dyes, leather, hardware, thread, needles (both by hand and machine)
  • A sewing machine section and User manuals for them
  • Maybe a section on the hand crank Chinese cobbler sewing machine
  • One of the other forums I frequent has a place for Prayer Requests
  • Maybe a vendor section for some of the lesser known or local vendors of tools, stamps, etc.

That’s all I can think of at this time. I will come back and add more as they come to mind.

In God’s Grace,

Pastor Bob

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8


These are some great ideas.

  • I can add up a for sale/trade/wanted category
  • For the other items, we have a very new area called the Shared Knowledge Base (, where users can submit information and then others can search for it. It can include reviews, machine manual attachments, and details on most anything.

I can keep an eye out for related info to add up, and if anyone has information on these topics to add, please submit them via the form link at the top of that page and they can be added in.

Excellent thoughts, thank you for sharing