Airbrushing Leather Dye

I finally broke out the Airbrush for this project, and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. This project has been an absolute blast! Don’t get me wrong; it does NOT speed up the process. In fact, I am only halfway through the coaster sets I am making with a LOT of work still ahead. I will post some photos of the process for everyone to see.

PS - I have uploaded a couple of images to the gallery area if you would like to see my first attempt at airbrushing leather dye.

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That looks great. I don’t have a place to set it up currently, but hopefully next year in the spring I will have a place to do so. Keep us posted.

Just finished my first Sleighbell Strap tonight. Turned out really well. I am loving this airbrushing. I have posted a couple more photos in the gallery.

Sleigh bells ring…are you listening??? Pretty sharp. Looks great!

I finished the second (shorter one) strap on Christmas Day. These have been a lot of fun to make.
The first one I sprayed with Fiebing’s Pro Dye. For the second one, I used Angelus “Honey” leather dye. It came out beautiful. Photos really don’t do it justice.

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That is really sharp. I really like the contrasting colors on it. Nice job!!

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Can you share how you have the paint booth setup? Are you venting to the outside? Simple fan setup? Pics would be nice too. Thanks Josh. Doing okay?

Pastor Bob

Hi Bob,
Unfortunately, I just set it up in my kitchen. I open my front door and the kitchen window above the sink for cross ventilation. I lay out newspaper under what I am working on and spray away. I typically stay under 20psi for the line to my airbrush. I haven’t touched a leather project in months now. It’s been a rough year for me.