Advice regarding clicker press

I am interested in purchasing a clicker press. It will be used to cut a variety of shapes and also for stamping or impressing images. The pieces I will be cutting are no more than eight inches across and will be cut from beg tanned four to eight ounce leather. I plan to stamp impressions of two to three inches across or round pieces, maybe two or three inches in diameter.
I have inquired about presses from Weaver and Spring Field, both four ton presses. I am also interested in the Tandy five ton press.
I have a challenge in that I am blind and so, cannot see the photos or video from the clips on You Tube.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of different four or five ton presses? I am new to the craft anb so, in reality, know essentially nothing about these presses. I live in a rural area and cannot travel to somewhere where I could experience different presses in person. The situation is that I must decide on a specific make and hope that, when it is delivered, it is really what I need. It is somewhat of a calculated gamble.
Please help me reduce the odds and let me know what your experience is with clicker presses in this category.
At this time, my shop is not really large enough for a larger press such as an eight ton press.
Jim King

I don’t have experience with clicker presses, but know that both Weaver and Springfield Leather are great companies and stand behind their products and Tandy as well. The 4 ton press will definitely handle what you described that you will be cutting. It would be more a matter of how big the cutting area is (and from the sounds of it, either would accomplish the size you are looking for). From there, it would come down to price, including delivery.

If it were me, I would probably get the press from Springfield or Weaver and call it good. Good luck!

Hello Jim,

Likewise, I don’t have significant clicker press experience to be able to make a great recommendation. I would second Bob’s recommendations of calling Springfield Leather (Contact Us | Springfield Leather Co.) or Weaver. Springfield has a lot of knowledgeable folks, Weaver, too.

Setting up a shop sounds exciting :grinning: