3D Printing Cornering Tools/Jigs

Sometimes, especially when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to get the nice rounded corners or even have consistent stamp placement. With the invention of 3D printers (and as they get more and more accessibly priced), you can easily print out tools like circle jigs or corner jigs that help you cut round corners and get the same exact stamp placement every time. Since 3D printing materials is relatively inexpensive, if they ever break, you can just print up another one.

It’s amazing what we can do with laser cutting and 3d printing. and the costs are usually lower than making things from metal. It’s exciting too to be able to design some of our own tools way more easily now. Get’s me thinking… :smile:

What type of 3D printer do you have? If you were to purchase another would you buy the same one? I have thought about them, but have not pulled the trigger. For round corners, I either use a half round punch, or simply draw around a circular object.

I have the Creality 3D Pro, which was on sale at Micro Center for $99 (!!!). The filament was about $13, but it’ll last…a year or longer, I think. I would definitely buy the same one. I’m not really one to tinker too much with this kind of thing; I was looking for a pretty simple, close to plug-and-play experience, and this meets my needs.

Nice! I have yet to invest in a good quality half round punch, and I’ve tried the circular object as well! Still, something about having a 3D printed tool is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen a Micro Center in years! I thought they folded up. I will have to see what the prices are now. Thanks for the info. Definitely looking for plug and play.

Yes! Would love to see if you think up other applications for 3D printing!

I have a couple of Enders and a Flashforge. Then there are the lasers from the minis I started with up through the modified K40 and a blue and white 50W. I’m hoping to upgrade to somewhere in the 80 or 100 W range someday and blow out some acrylic templates, not that I can’t do that now, just want to do more and faster. Also in the mix are a couple of mini CNCs. I’ve got some parts to make a larger CNC, but the small ones are great for making brass stamps and the like.

My retirement plan is coming together. I may be a very busy guy when I give up my day job… LOL

Wow, that’s awesome! I always found it really cool when I saw makers using lasers to draw patterns onto leather - seems much more convenient than tracing a paper pattern haha!

I haven’t even begun researching mini-CNC’s. Probably something with at least a 10-12" bed. Where should I start @terry ?? Not wanting to break the bank, but able to do some metal as well as wood. Thanks.
Pastor Bob

I started out with a Genmitsu and then got a SainSmart and pleased with both. But once you get the particulars, it’s not that hard to buy the components and build one to the size you want and you can expand one these with a little knowledge as well. They can even double as a laser engraver with a little quick change magic… LOL

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I will check those out. Thanks!